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It’s a Mumpreneurs World

It’s a Mumpreneurs World

It’s a Man’s Mumpreneurs World

I’ve been itching to write this blog for a wee while. Maybe it’s because it’s how Sprout Marketing was born and it’s so intertwined with my two other best creations, our daughter and son.

The year before our daughter was born my husband and I took turns making sure that one of us was going to be at home for our fur baby and spent half of the year apart travelling for work. We tallied up a crazy amount of nights out of the country, flight tickets littered our house like receipts and our suitcases were well worn.

I loved my job as a Sales and Marketing Manager and hubby was both a General Manager and Operations Manager. I think we wore our jobs as our personalities. Cue the exciting news that we were pregnant with our daughter. I was so lucky to have Grant at home for a month I’m grateful for that sleep deprived, takeaway, Netflix fulled month to have to adjust to parenthood.

Too soon Grant went back to work and back to travel. I started back managing social media for the company I was employed by, after all, it had been my other ‘baby’ and I was in the thick of their target market – a breastfeeding sleepless but in love Mother.

I felt for my busy Husband, the welcome homes weren’t quiet (I once googled ‘does my baby hate me?’). But time passed and we got to a new albeit strange normal. When Maddy was four months old I started to contract to other businesses to post on social media for them. I loved it, and my customers understood.

My thoughts where that I’d return to work after a year and we would have another baby when we decided we were ready. Cue laughter. When Maddy was six months old I went to our local coffee shop that I’m maybe a little too comfortable in and I didn’t want coffee. My face drained of colour as I took my coffee and bundled our daughter into the car.

Like a zombie, I returned home. You see my Husband had just quit his corporate job to start a company and …..I was pregnant. Again.   

Our world was no longer as it once was. I was really enjoying working for myself and I didn’t want to give it all up. So I didn’t. Somehow I worked through the birth of our lovely son, I’m pretty sure I was posting to social media from the birthing centre for my clients.

Now we have another new normal. A nearly three-year-old and a one and a half year old. Two businesses. Less Netflix, a little more sleep at nights, a little crazier. I’m so grateful for the customers that understand my Mum life and actually I feel like I gain more business as a Mumpreneur.

I think though, that my husband doesn’t have it as easy. It’s not as accepted to be pushing a kid on a swing and talking to a customer when you are a bloke. I must admit that I have had a few moments as the Mum that’s let her kid walk into her husband’s office while he’s on national television (okay he’s just on the phone). Sorry for that love. But here’s to the new normal, the Clarke Gayfords and the work-life integration. Here is to us all having it all. Family, amazing businesses and all that comes with it.

I’m grateful that it’s never been easier to work with people across the globe and barriers to entry have opened up for all business owners.

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